Sky Talk Makes It Easy To Subscribe


Sky Talk includes standard voice-mail, display of caller names and automatic number withhold in their packages. All these are free of charge. The Sky Voice-mail though gets cancelled if it is not accessed or used actively for a period of 90 days. The days have to be consecutive. Call Sky if this happens and they would be more than happy to restore the service for you.

Paid-for features include Call Waiting, Anonymous Caller Reject, Caller Diversion and Ring Back. There is also a notification through your email if your set talk limit has been breached. This is especially true if you have a household member who uses the phone non-stop. By placing a call spend alert, you make sure you know when your allowance is up. Use the Talk Any time if you’d like to have no limit talk time.


Sky Talk Connection

To request for a connection, determine first which applies to your situation before getting a Sky Talk line connection. If you are a subscriber from other providers with an active phone line, switching to Sky Line Rental is possible. You will usually be able to keep your number. Bear in mind though, that since you are under Line Rental, you are just using the service and may not get all the benefits of a new subscriber. If you do not have a compatible line, getting a new one from Sky is possible.

Your current service provider will determine how long it will take for you to request for a switch and the actual time you will be able to use the service. In most cases, two weeks is all it takes for providers to complete the process. If you are switching from Virgin Media, a technician will be required to conduct a technical visit so your wait time will depend on how quickly the technician can attend to your request. This also applies if you have no working phone line in the area.

If you are still encountering connection issues after the installation, calling the Sky Talk helpline may be required. Contact Sky Customer Service using its available numbers on Flaptor to easily apply.


Things To Remember

Sky accepts payment made by direct debit or credit/debit cards only for monthly payments or a one off payment.

sky_sports_5_stackSky customers can also manage their account online by accessing Under the My Account section, customers can view statements and their previous bills. They can also adjust their payment details and manage multiple accounts. 


About Sky

Sky ( provides broadband and home phone services using its own network. Sky covers more than 85% of the UK connectivity users. It isn’t the cheapest provider on the market so they encourage bundling the services with the provider so savings on the cost of taking the services from different providers will be visible.

First launched in 2006, there are now more than 10 million Sky TV customers in the UK. Over four million of these are signed up to Sky Talk.

Common Sky Q Issues Addressed

Sky is making a massive leap forward with Sky Q. It is not called as the biggest Sky re-imagination ever for nothing. Sky has built this system from the ground up. It will be recalled that Sky has done this before: A multi-room package which spreads the Sky channels across the house. The installation was a challenge before. Sky addressed this by opening up its Sky Go app to other available platforms. Levering in its availability across platforms like Xbox and PlayStation. You can also have cross-channels, multi-room, over the web access to entertainment without requiring a technician to pay you a visit.

12MonthsFreebroadbandThe multi-room, ultra-connected TV experience can still experience various technical troubleshooting in order to get enhanced viewing experience. Reviewers call this as teething problems with the package.

Bright And Blue

Users of Sky Q often find the blue light found in front to be very distracting. What can be done may be temporary but it helps. Using a swiping motion on the touch-pad, make the gesture to the right. Then press the Back button to temporarily switch the light off.

There is no option to turn it off for good though.

The remote control can usually have issues too like when it becomes unresponsive.  If the new Bluetooth remote not working chances are you just have to re-pair the gadget with the Sky Q box. To do this, hold the 1 and 3 keys together for two seconds to reset the connection.

Also make sure to check if the batteries are still working.


Fast Forward

The circular touch-pad is sensitive and people seem to struggle with the rewind and fast-forward controls using the new remote. To give you options in scrolling through 2X up to 30X speeds, tap the FF and RW buttons to a desired angle, you can use it as old school speed up and down like how you are familiar with.

Drag and hold forward or back the circular pad to the desired point then release the finger to play.

Others experience Sky Q Mini box turning on in the middle of the night. It is a bug. However, the eco mode makes the connectivity and content display unpredictable. Sky has yet to address the bug with a fix so the next course will be to use the eco mode for the meantime.

Image Problems

sky-contact-phone-number-sky-tv-sky-broadband-customer-support-helplineIf the content images are not showing up in the Sky Q Mini box, unplug the unit from the main Silver box from the wall socket and re-plug. Others discover that if it’s only the unit that is powered off and on is not as effective.

If the Mini box tells you that new software is available for update but nothing happens afterward, you may have to do the updating manually. Use the steps below:

Software Update

  • Go first to Settings then look for Status. You have to make sure the Connection to Sky Q box is ticked off.
  • In Settings again, go to System info and highlight Software version.
  • Next choice is the Set-up and Software download selection. Your box will then start to download the latest software via the satellite. The download may take up to ten minutes.

Check the status of the software download from time to time. Once it says “Software update successful”, proceed in pressing the standby button on your remote. Your Mini box will prompt to restart. You will see the start-up messages on screen when this happens the box is ready to be turned on. When you press Home on the remote you will be placed in the most current version of the software. Contact Sky if you find any recurring difficulty.